CFP: Special issue on (un)Stable Diffusions

Edited by Fenwick McKelvey, Joanna Redden, Jonathan Roberge, and Luke Stark (names in alphabetical order) To be published in the open access Journal of Digital Social Research. Please submit your abstracts here: The recent release of so-called “general-purpose artificial intelligence” (GPAI) systems have prompted a public panic that AI-generated fiction is now indistinguishable from… Continue reading CFP: Special issue on (un)Stable Diffusions


Chris Salter in collaboration with Sofian Audry, Takashi Ikegami, Alexandre Saunier and Thomas Spier Totem is a commission for the Barbican Centre London’s massive 2019 exhibition AI: More Than Human. This is large-scale, 14 meter tall light installation asks whether an artificial entity can develop autonomy and consciousness. The installation’s body consists of 10 steel… Continue reading TOTEM